Since 1989, the Anguk Zen Center Foundation has opened Zen centers in Busan and Seoul in Korea to help as many people as possible realize the true Mind and lead a bright life in daily living.

The Anguk Zen Center Statement of Purpose

Everyone desires stable peace and prosperity. However, peace and prosperity are not won only through national wealth, power or an individual's pursuit of gain. True peace and growth can be possible only if both the nation and its citizens together have insight into the world of Truth and lead their daily lives in accord with a personal realization of such Truth. It is in that way a firm and unshakable world is assured even if it is confronted with disaster and adversity.

Thus, the Anguk Zen Center Foundation of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism strives to liberate people of all countries in the world through the practice of Zen(pronounced Seon in the Korean language) which was discovered by Shakyamuni Buddha. Zen helps those who have gone astray due to confusion caused by delusion to find their true selves.

Zen is an inner light that can shatter an ordinary person's false delusions. Zen offers a power of supreme wisdom with which the full recovery of mankind can be completed. Because Zen was discovered by the Sage's spiritual insight as a direct method to recover our true human nature, it allows one to sweep away the world of delusion and recover instantaneously the true appearance of great original brightness.

Thus, throughout the East and the West and from ancient times to the present, Zen has always been recognized as an eternal and correct path to the purification and enhancement of mankind's inner world and a means to follow the Righteous and Noble path. Zen helps one transform his or her internal egoistic separation, reach the original inner reality, and open one's eyes wide to the Great Vehicle, which enfolds the universe and each of the Karmic circumstances of everyone's life. Thus, Zen ultimately opens an absolute non-dual world where oneself and others are not considered as two. Zen opens the gate to the world of compassion and brings everyone's lives into harmony.
Accordingly, the Anguk Zen Center Foundation, in conformity with and under the direction and teachings of the Jogye Order of Korean Zen Buddhism, hopes that the sound of this Truth will be heard in the minds of all mankind. It is the wish of Anguk Zen Center that a world of universal equality will flourish into oneness through the spreading of Zen throughout the world that will enlighten everyone's eyes of wisdom.