Anguk Zen Center Home Page

The Angukzen Foundation (Zen Master: Su-bul) of the Korean Buddhism Jogye School has just opened its internet home page in May, 2003 after it had earlier offered a Korean version. This is a part of our endeavor to realize the goal of "the spreading of Zen throughout the world". This is the purpose of Anguksunwon.

The Anguksunwon Foundation has opened Zen centers in Pusan, Seoul, and Changwon in Korea as well as in Houston, Texas in the U.S.A. to help more people realize the true Mind and lead a bright life amid daily living.

We, the members of Angukwon, are confident that Zen will serve as an oasis to ordinary people who are leading busy and stressful lives these days. Anguksunwon also wishes that more people will build a good Karma through Zen practice by making use of this home page and thereby enjoy the benefits of inner liberation, peace, and joy.

This internet home page has been prepared with the thought that it should be particularly suited to and readily accessible to the readers in the U.S.A. Accordingly, the contents of this internet page have been limited to include only pertinent items such as:

- Introduction of the Zen Centers
- Zen Master's Dharma Talks, and
- News and Event

Our Plan for the future is to gradually expand the contents for English speaking readers.